The world of Netflix: Shows worth bingeing on Friday night

Updated: Oct 19, 2018


Netflix is a popular service many people use and enjoy. With thousands of movies and shows, Netflix has a lot to offer. From horror to romance, you can usually find a popular series or movie.

It is now October, meaning summer is over and school is in session. Summer came with a lot of down time to binge watch your favorite movies and shows and also branch out and watch a series you may not normally choose. Many people watch their favorite movies and shows, some old, some new; some popular, some not.

If you were to ask a handful of people what their favorite is, you may find that the answers you will get are going to vary.

“Jessica Jones season one is a Marvel Studios television show that follows a very emotionally fractured private eye,” Jackson High School English teacher Mr. Martin said. “She was tormented by another powered individual and the season centers on her confronting him and rising beyond the pain. I enjoy this the most because of its compelling performances. Kristen Ritter turns in one of her most impressive performances as the titular character, and David Tennant, playing the manipulative Killgrave, is a truly horrifying villain,” Martin said.

Maybe you are not into Marvel, maybe instead you are into romance. This previous summer, two chick flick/romance movies came out. The first one was The Kissing Booth. This movie is about a teenage girl named Elle Evans who finds herself face to face with her longtime crush when she signs up to run a kissing booth at the spring carnival. The kiss leads to a forbidden romance that puts her relationship with her best friend in jeopardy.

The next very popular movie is To All The Boys I Loved Before. This movie is about a high school girl named Lara Jean who writes secret love letters to her five crushes. Somehow, these letters get mailed to them. This leads to her life being turned upside down.

Not a romance type of person? No problem. Do you prefer science fiction/mystery? Then a Jackson High School Counselor has a series for you.

“My favorite Netflix show is Dark. My husband and I really enjoy science fiction. This particular show kept my husband and I wanting more after every episode,” Jackson High School counselor Mrs. Raymond said. “It is a supernatural mystery that involves a young boy that goes missing in a eerie small town in Germany. We decided to start this show after completing the Stranger Things seasons. We were just looking for something similar and we were pleasantly surprised at how much we liked it. To this day, it is both of our favorites.”

There are many more options on Netflix other than these. Netflix and its popularity grow more and more everyday with new series and shows. There is something for everyone.

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