The secret life of Mrs. Baird-Pauli

Updated: Oct 19, 2018



It is 5:00 in the morning, and while most of us are still sleeping, Mrs. Barbara Baird-Pauli is up and getting ready for the day. Never a coffee drinker, Baird-Pauli skips the caffeine and wakes herself up with a shower. No matter the day, Mrs. Baird-Pauli always takes the time to pray in the morning.

“The real reason is it keeps me centered on what’s really important,” Baird-Pauli said.

Getting to school around 6:40, she uses her very little free time to go over her schedule and answer any missed calls from the day before. First hour tends to be the least busy, so Baird-Pauli chooses a floor and pops into all of the classrooms.

Baird-Pauli does not limit herself to her official title, principal for instruction; her job encompasses much more. Doubling as a janitor, Baird-Pauli picks up the trash she sees in the hallway.

“It’s not where it belongs,” Baird-Pauli said.

In the morning alone, Baird-Pauli interacts with many people. It could be a quick question or problem that is far from being resolved, but no matter what it is, her reaction is calm, collected; she is always ready to tackle it. Do all of these issues suddenly stop and give her time to regroup? No; she always has to be ready for a new challenge at every turn. She is basically Batman. Being the superhero that Baird-Pauli is, she sometimes has to leave school throughout the day to conquer problems off campus. Once the last bell has rung Baird-Pauli goes to her usual spot, the corner by her office at the west end, and says goodbye to students.

Heading home around 7, her night is far from over. She is greeted by her husband, Mr. Baird, as they sit down for dinner every night. Finishing their night with their favorite crime shows, NCIS and CSI, Mr. Baird and Mrs. Baird-Pauli crawl into bed around 12. Even though she has a very busy schedule Baird-Pauli loves her job and continues to serve JPS with confidence and a smile.

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