The home field advantage



You walk onto your home field and see all your friends and family in the stands. The lights are shining on your face as you hear the crowd roar. The turf under your feet feels familiar, comforting. This is what it feels like to have the home field advantage.

A definition of home advantage is “a phenomenon in which the home teams in [their] sport win over 50% of games played under a balanced home and away schedule" according to BelievePerform.

A big reason athletes may prefer playing home or away is because of student sections.

“We have a really good student section that makes playing at home more fun,” junior Josh Kraeuter said. “The crowds are more fun than distracting during the game and it’s really fun to hear all the student section cheer.”

“There is sense of adrenaline,” senior Micah Crestinger said.

All athletes believe that the crowds are not distracting at all and helpful.

“I like hearing the noise of the crowd,” sophomore Canon Rose said.

Athletes generally feel more pressure playing away than home. Three athletes felt more pressure playing away, while only one athlete said playing at home.

“Feels like you’re pressured to look good for friends,” Rose said.

One athlete explained that playing on an opposing field can add more pressure.

“There are less people to back you up,” junior Luke Lyons said.

All four athletes easily agreed that the familiarity with the field made themselves, and the team as a whole, more comfortable.

“When we’re at home we know how the pitch is going to play and are more confident,” Kraeuter said.

“Knowing your own field and how you play on it is the best way to win,” said Rose.

Knowing how important home field advantage is to our athletes and how it makes them feel, not to mention a better winning record, maybe the Jackson High student body can consider traveling to an away game or two in order to support our team, our friends and our community.

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