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Fortnite. Unless you live under a rock, you must have heard of this new free game taking the world by storm, Fortnite Battle Royale. Created by Epic Games, this is the most popular game on the market, and people are taking notice. Streamers of this game such as Ninja have made a fortune on this free game.

Epic Games is making a fortune from Fortnite by selling skins, dances and other cosmetic only items for $10-20 per item. Epic games reportedly made one billion dollars in one year of business.

Ninja is the most popular fortnite streamer to date. He streams on Twitch and has an average of around 80,000 viewers per stream. According to Forbes, he is making an estimated $350,000 a month from streaming.

Fortnite is a money making machine for many streamers and the company itself. Epic Games is now estimated to be worth between 5 and 8 billion dollars.

Streamers other than Ninja are also profiting off of Fortnite’s popularity.

Another is Malachi Davis, a sophomore here at Jackson High, who streams on YouTube and has 769 subscribers on his channel Live2Clutch. With his daily streams, he strives to be interactive with his viewers as well as providing good game play.

“I try to play with my viewers and do giveaways as a way of saying thank you,” sophomore Davis said.

Streaming has become a part Davis’ daily routine.

“I like streaming, I like to be entertaining,” Davis said. “I believe this can be a career for me: a YouTuber and streamer,” Davis said.

He believes that he has a future career as a streamer and a YouTuber.

Davis is doing something he loves to do, something that is a great hobby for him.

”It gives me something to do instead of getting myself in trouble,” Davis said.

Fortnite has changed the way we view gaming and gamers forever. Gaming is and can now be a source of income for many people who have the skills to become pro gamers or entertaining streamers. Pro gaming and participating in tournaments is another way to make money other than by just streaming. For example, in the Fortnite Summer Skirmish the first place winner received $250,000. Gaming and streaming is a new market, and the enterprise in gaming is growing. Streaming is just one part of it that we can all take part in.

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