Welcome to the greatest thing to ever be created within the gaming empire: the video game console. Consoles are very easy to use and home to many great games such as Spider-Man, Halo, Madden 19, NBA 2k19, and many more.

When a console comes alive, it sings, it is better than the beautiful chime of the morning birds, it is a true work of art. When you turn on a PS4 you know you are using the best thing possible. The video game empire began with the console, why have a PC ruin it all? What PCs bring to the table are continuous updates and bulky hardware. PCs need to be so large so they can compete with the smaller, more powerful console. Consoles also provide more variety than PCs.

There are two major brands of consoles: the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One. Consoles provide more features than a PC could ever offer, such as an on-demand TV, shows, and movie features. They can also get perks through PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live, the systems’ online subscription services. Consoles provide a great entertainment experience as well as a mesmerizing gaming adventure. I play on the PlayStation 4, it gave me a new passion and hobby, it showed me another way to be social with my friends and a new way to hang out with them. This would not be possible with a PC. PC gives you no ability to play with your friends in the same room, it lacks the ability to be social. You cannot have multiple controllers to play a two to four player game like Madden or Call Of Duty. Why should we pay $700-$2,500 to play video games on a PC when its big brother, the console, is only $300? PC offers little variety in its product. Consoles give you a choice from many different products such as the PlayStation, Xbox, and the Nintendo Switch which is a thing PC can never offer. So why pay more for something worse when consoles are superior to PC in all forms of competition? The console is better than PC.

Imagine a machine that, treated properly, can run anything. Backwards compatibility, customizability, portability in some models… a dream, right? I have good news: you can get that science fiction contraption out of your head. I just described a PC.

Skeptics whose doubt stems from finances, hear me out: if you play on console, you can afford a workable computer. If you only play low spec flavor of the month shooters like Fortnite, you really have no worries.

Exclusives? Please. Here lies XBOX. PS4 has Bloodborne, Spider-Man, God of War, Project DIVA Future Tone, and… what else good? Switch has Octopath Traveler, Splatoon 2, and battered dead horses. PC, though? It has, without exaggerating, too many to list.

Besides, ever heard of emulation? It makes physical consoles obsolete for people of culture who appreciate single player. Want to experience every generation of Pokemon and Fire Emblem? DeSmuME, Citra, et cetera. Interested in all 30 years of Megami Tensei? PCSX2 and FCEUX have been around for ages, while RPCS3 sent Atlus scrabbling. Official ports count too, and if Disgaea D2’s console CPU melting taught us anything, “better late than never” means more than sour grapes Also, breathe a word of console aesthetics to me. I dare you. I filled my desktop with equal parts cosmetic and practical Rainmeter skins in a half hour, most of that fine-tuning layout. I spent three hours doing unspeakable things to my N3DS’ SD card to have any kind of customization and PlayStation’s is so limited it makes my sides hurt to think about. Am I supposed to be impressed by a choice between wallpaper change and corporate conformity?

Let me put it a way console kids can understand: the video game market is an untamed wilderness. Consoles are a rickety safari ride with sanitized glass walls. Free yourself. Consoles offer (some) functionality, sure… but PC offers versatility.

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