Pride & prejudice



While over 2,976 people lost their lives from windows in a last ditch effort to retain their mortal coil or help others to do the same, my mother’s body worked hard at its third trimester to develop me. Some say I am fortunate to lack memories of such an atrocity. I say I refuse to sit by idly as the shrapnel desecrates my fine ZooPals dinnerware.

Seventeen years seems like a lot to teens. Your entire lifespan if not more. But in the context of a population spanning millions healing from loss and wounded ego, it struggles to be a water molecule in the ocean. Even now, President Bush’s claim that the foundation of the country remained unshaken does not hold up. Four days after the fact a Sikh-American fell to vigilante “justice.” That year as a whole saw 93 anti-Muslim assaults according to Pew, not including the cases of erroneous profiling that surface on Twitter. Oil prices refuse to fall and sit at $69.91 per barrel. The TSA and all its associated issues materialized. A myriad of disorders from PTSD to respiratory illness surged and cost thousands of lives. If anything, America managed to maintain the collective state of a James Bond drink for nearly two decades. Impressive.

Maybe I am a quack and Mr. Former President spoke the truth. Not like racial profiling and hate crimes are rampant in the so-called land of the free following the actions of an extreme few, right? No presence of a metal detector on every block in tourist-dense areas, funneling visitors through invasive clinical screening. Mandatory clear backpacks ending in disaster and craftier kids are so fake news. Take it from a man in the midst of a campaign at the time: America stands strong and just has a way of expressing it that errs close to traumatization and resembles murder! If you consider the “foundation” of America in its rawest terms, racism and discrimination that ripped land from natives and built on the backs of slaves (not to mention the panic after considering the foul taste of your only water source for miles - good luck figuring out if I mean Flint or cholera)...

...Ahem. The point is, this neurotic behavior and distrust degrades civility and slaughters innocent people. This war on terrorism continues to rage against a threat with a new name but the same caricature face. To say the least, it sucks. To say the most, this adolescent country cannot afford to be cannibalizing its own people and we as a collective need to stop acting like children jumping at shadows in our sandbox. Remember the thousands that died. Keep them in your thoughts and, if applicable, prayers. But while doing so recall the humanity of those that walk alongside you. 9/11 was a national tragedy with national repercussions. People from all walks of life are suffering enough (mostly from four-hour security check lines); do not inflict the pain of toxic nationalism on top of it.

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