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They say JV is preparation for varsity, that it is equally respected; that is not what our JV athletes think.

JV does not prepare athletes for Varsity according to student athletes.

“No. It's not taken as seriously, so we don't get as much done in practices,” soccer player junior Ann Robles said.

She shares a common view with other athletes.

“They want you to have fun on JV and not compete as well as you would on varsity,” softball player sophomore Ryan Shaw said.

Other athletes felt along the same lines stating, “kind of but not really,” and “it's not as difficult as varsity.”

Out of the JV athletes, most had the view that JV does not prepare athletes for varsity, while a few believed JV does prepare athletes for varsity.

Varsity athletes and coaches do not treat JV equal, Jackson High athletes expressed.

Some athletes think they always should treat JV equal, while others feel they have superiority over JV.

“At points you can tell when certain people are hating on freshmen,” soccer player sophomore Braeden Caldwell said.

Many athletes feel they are not treated equally.

“Sometimes the upperclassmen would yell at the JV team a lot,” Robles said.

Varsity players receive special privileges, in their minds.

“It's not fair in stupid ways, like varsity gets the back [of the bus] with JV in the middle and freshmen in the front,” volleyball player sophomore Camille Stevens said.

Ideally, varsity and JV should be connected in positive ways to help the teams improve.

It would be fair to focus on everyone, but it would be strategic to focus on the best players in preparation for varsity.

The focus in JV at Jackson High seems to be on all athletes.

“They focus on everyone. We will have a lot to do but if someone makes an error we’ll stop and correct it,” Shaw said.

As for JV teams at Jackson High, they have all athletes on a JV team in favor.

Depending on the sport, JV athlete views may differ; some more positive, some more negative. Regardless, junior varsity teams are crucial for creating strong varsity teams. Focusing on preparation and improvement will push the JV athlete to that next varsity spot.

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