Distinguishing fake friends



You arrive home after a long day at school, feeling defeated and alone because of how your ¨friends¨ make you feel.

Your friends should not make you feel stupid or small, push you aside, make you the laughing stock, or make fun of you in public to seem “cool.” They should not only help you when it is beneficial for themselves.

A true friendship is honesty, love, and trust. You should feel comfortable and loved by your friends, not alone and forgotten. A friend should support you and have your back in all situations.

We are taught since we can remember that you should ¨treat others how you want to be treated.¨

“I like to think a true friend is supportive, doesn’t get jealous, is able to handle a joke, and joke back with me,” junior Libby VanWagnen said. “They have that level of criticism, but only when I ask about the topic. They are that someone I can tell my secrets to and I can trust they won’t share it. I can trust they will be loyal and not go behind my back. That’s hard to find.”

The most important element of a friendship is trust. According to PsychologyToday.com, the average person lies at least two times a day. You’ve probably heard ¨I have trust issues” so much it doesn’t even phase you anymore. It is not hard to figure out why they have such issues; not everyone is exactly who they seem.

“Everyone is fake; don’t trust anyone,” sophomore Chris Corravo said.

The terms “snake” and “fake” are so common in most teenagers’ vocabulary. It seems rare for someone to be loyal. Secrets are secrets for a reason and everyone knows that, so why is it so hard to keep them? On average, according to Sciencealert.com, we only keep five out of thirteen secrets.

The sad thing is, everyone has a vision for what they want their friend to be like, but it is so hard to actually find that person. According to LifeStyle.com, in your lifetime, you will make 396 friends, but only one in twelve friendships last. These friendships end for mainly three reasons: poor communication, trust issues, and finding someone better.

If you feel your friendship is slowly reaching an end, there are three basic things you should attempt to do.

1: Really think about the friendship and ask yourself if it is even worth saving. Does the good outweigh the bad?

2: Talk to your friend. Be honest with how you feel and don't be afraid to do this, communication is key.

3: Make a conscientious effort to spend time with your friend and improve the friendship.

Friendships are what shape us, mold our personality, and help create our image. A friendship without truth, love, and honesty is just an acquaintance. Who wants to spend time with someone who makes you feel worse about yourself?

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