Diners, driver's ed, and dives

Updated: Oct 22, 2018



Almost every driver starts with drivers training; most people come in nervous for the course, and others are confident and ready to get on the road. In driver’s training, the class is full of videos, writing, and reading for many hours.

“In the class, the videos are painfully boring, but pay attention even if they are old, outdated, and bad acting,” driving instructor Kevin Jiles said.

A majority of students come and go through the class, get their pink slip, pass the test, and get their permit.

“Read the book and focus on learning unknown terms,” two year instructor Tom Hunt said.

The book helps students prepare for the road and prepare for when things go wrong. Mistakes happen on the road and what is important is to learn from them. Instructors have seen many mistakes, so you will not be the first.

“I’ve had students with all four wheels off the road and in someone’s yard before,” Hunt said.

During senior Talia Engelsma’s fourth drive in drivers training, she was hit from behind at a stoplight. When they pulled over to talk to the other driver, he fled.

“When a kid is involved in an accident, you have to get right back driving,” Jiles said.

Remember, it is important that no matter where you are going or what you are doing, to not drive reckless and never break the rules. ”Leave yourself extra time, and don’t be in a hurry. Rushing can lead to aggressive and offensive driving.”

Driver’s training prepares us to drive with our parents and take the road test.

”Be ready for any kind of instructor, even ones very vocal on their opinion and nitpicky,” senior Gabe Hill said.

Confidence is key for taking the test.

“I was so nervous it brought me to fail the road test my first time and almost my second,” senior Delaney Pickett said. ”I was doing 45 in a 25 and ran two red lights. I totally blanked out.”

Students who don’t pass the test, do not be embarrassed or upset.

“Michigan likes to see about 50 percent of drivers fail on their first try,” Hunt said.

Whether you have taken your driver’s test and failed, or you are about to take drivers training, the road test, or be on the road, it is important to remember some vital information.

“Don’t be flustered and focus on the road. Know your gas and brake and left and right,” Hunt said.

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