Black Friday: good or bad?




The deals we save on Black Friday are not worth the destruction the holiday brings. Black Friday is ruining Thanksgiving. It has become a dangerous, stressful public holiday. Employees are trampled down by competitive customers running to deals they have waited for for many hours. Sitting in low temperatures risking sickness, these eager shoppers are rushing to these deals as fast as they can, bringing out the worst in road rage, speeding, and just being an inconsiderate unsafe driver. keeps track of terrible situations that happen on Black Friday. In 2016 in Reno, Nevada, a shopper opened fire, killing one all over a parking lot spot. Walmart stayed open as the police investigated on this Black Friday.

Many brawls happen on Black Friday as well, in Tustin, California, a brawl began at 1am at Kohls. This brawl left two victims with facial lacerations and one with non-life-threatening injuries sending them to the hospital. The last person was booked into Orange county jail.

This is terrifying and saddening, imagine going out shopping for deals and discounts and someone threatens you. It truely can bring out the worst in people.

Many workers are forced to work on Thanksgiving or early on Black Friday. How is this fair to them and their families? Working early can result in leaving Thanksgiving early and leaving a family dinner. Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful and make memories with your family. Stores should be closed on Thanksgiving so workers have the day off to spend with their families. A safer way to participate in the deals is Cyber Monday. You can avoid all the problems and you have more time to spare. In the end, Thanksgiving is about family and being thankful and Black Friday is about sales, let’s keep these two events separate.

Black Friday is by far one of the greatest shopping days of the year . This tradition dates back to September 24th, 1869, and is one of the best ways to spend the night after a hearty Thanksgiving feast. The idea behind Black Friday is to help retailers turn a profit and make it into “the black.”

According to to Investopedia, ”If consumers follow up Thanksgiving by spending a lot of money on Black Friday – and retailers show strong numbers – then investors might have their first indication that it is shaping up to be a particularly profitable shopping season. This confidence is reflected in the stock market. In this manner, Black Friday could be considered a leading indicator for the markets.”

Even if you’re not a big money spender like myself, Black Friday is extremely important for our stock market .

There are many other benefits to Black Friday. You can get very good deals on things that you may need but may not have the money for. Yes, people do get aggressive, but Black Friday is not to blame. If there are two people fighting over the last flower bouquet at Walmart on a normal day, would you say it was because of April 12th? Those who are skeptical of Black Friday have never experienced the feeling of getting 1500 dollars worth of clothes for 300 dollars.

Black friday is also and excellent way to get a head start on the Christmas season so that everyone can have a special gift to open on Christmas. According to, 28 percent of Americans will go Christmas shopping on Black Friday. That’s higher than any other point in the year.

If you aren’t one for all the hustle and bustle that happens on Black Friday, there’s always Cyber Monday. Next time you decide that Black Friday is bad or awful, think about our nation’s economy and Christmas because and who doesn’t love great deals?

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